Welcome to our English-Chinese bilingual learning management system (ECLMS) platform! Our goal is to provide a platform for individuals or organizations to share academic courses, professional skills, management experience, and knowledge abilities with others. ECLMS introduces the third-generation language learning method, truly user-centered and AI-supported, which marks a revolutionary progress in integrating language learning into the real world compared to the traditional classroom teaching of the first generation and the multimedia internet-based learning of the second generation.

Featured Method

Customized Content Integration:

1. Select existing content and convert it into courseware: Submit the content of practical application in life, study, and career to the platform, and transform and create courseware according to the needs and ideas.

2. Create personalized content to generate courseware: Submit the required text descriptions, keywords, and materials to the platform to create personalized content and create courseware.

Classification of courseware features:

1. Main content Chinese: English (or other languages) is the learning language

2. The main content is in English: Chinese (or other languages) is the learning language

The above two feature classifications allow users to choose a single main content language, or choose bilingual and bidirectional when using the application. .

Classification of courseware value:

1. Knowledge courseware:

Short, existing content copyright is not fully owned, and there is no direct course sales revenue, but often language learning and career-related content will generate indirect benefits.

2. Courseware:

The courseware that meets the requirements of the international mainstream course sales platform for the length and clarity of the video content of the course, and the quality of the picture can obtain rich returns.

Users also learn from teachers:

1. Learning from privately customized or shared courseware is learning

2. Share your knowledge, experience and skills as a teacher

3. Sharing high-net-worth courses and gaining income is running a online school

Our LMS platform is user-friendly and accessible, making it easy for you to find the suitable method you need to reach your goals. We believe in the power of education and we’re committed to providing the tools and resources you need to achieve your full potential. 

Join our shared mission to empower global learners through sharing your expertise and experiences. Whether you’re an expert in a certain field or simply passionate about a certain topic, your contribution is highly valued.